Italian Serie A teenager Romagnoli is the star on the transfer market this summer, AC Milan, Naples, Rome, Chelsea are all in the pursuit of this supernova. According to Italian media, "La Repubblica," the latest report, Naples offer 28 million euros plus a variable bonus € 2,000,000 Want Romagnoli, but the player himself seems to love the veteran Italian giants AC Milan.


Romagnoli last season at Sampdoria and AC Milan coach Michal worked on behalf of the team played 30 league games to help Sampdoria seventh, Michal overwhelmed easy to master AC Milan will naturally want to love the men to the San Siro. In addition Romagnoli only 20 years old, has a huge room for growth, and for this once Rossoneri improve their offer (the transfer fee plus variable pay 28 million euros), but the red wolf insisted 30 million euros The transfer fee so the deal impasse.


AC Milan won delays Romagnoli, another Serie A giants Napoli shot. According to Italian media reports, the transfer fee of Naples offer a total of 30 million euros plus bonuses oath to Romagnoli back to Naples. However, this Italian teenager preoccupied to AC Milan, because you can continue to work with Milkha at AC Milan. But Milan announced that they will not offer more than the current offer, the team of the highest offer was € 25 million plus 3 million euros in prize money.


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But the reports that Rome is likely to have heart was not red wolf sell Romagnoli, they will come with the transfer fee to buy Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko. In fact, AC Milan offer 30 million euros and has been very close, and this time the player's attitude can often determine the direction of the transfer.

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