International Champions Cup warm-up match, Manchester United and Barcelona will usher in heavyweight showdown, the Red Devils captain Rooney accepted the ESPN interview, did not begrudge the kind words when talking about Barcelona.


"Barcelona is a very excellent team, Real Madrid won the Champions League in 2014, Barcelona this may not be happy, but they soon rise again, this is incredible. I think Barcelona and the continuation of this the past 10 years the excellent state, that support Barcelona Guardiola era as strong. "Rooney said.


"Under coach Enrique, Barcelona's style of play has changed, after their defense made by, before closing down are not as compact, but they will take advantage of defensive back killing the opponent's defense."


For MSN, Rooney also gave a high evaluation:. "Messi, Neymar and players like Suarez, for any opponent who is a huge threat."


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2009 and 2011 Champions League final, Manchester United defeated Barcelona in the foot, Rooney still remember this:. "We are so close from the champion, but both times lost to Barcelona, ​​this is actually not easy to accept me think sometimes you just need to raise their hands, admit that Barcelona is really that support the better team, even the strongest teams in Europe. For us, that time is really very difficult to win the Barcelona 2011 if the Can won the Champions League at Wembley nice ah! " Read More:

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